• FULL FACE PROTECTION: 33cm wide by 22cm deep for full face coverage against splash, spray, and splatter. Prevents unwanted matter from contacting the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin.
  • OPTICALLY CLEAR AND HIGH QUALITY PET: Made from transparent optically clear PET. Shatterproof, waterproof, fog resistant, static resistant, and scratch resistant for ultimate performance.
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO WEAR: Hypoallergenic soft foam headband allowing room for glasses or safety goggles, air flow and sweat dissipation. Elastic head strap for adjustable and low pressure fit. Lightweight functional design suitable for long term use.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND SAFE: Produced in a certified manufacturing facility each face shield is individually packaged in a foil bag to prevent contamination. CE approved for peace of mind.
  • REUSABLE: Sanitise with alcohol wipes or disinfectant to facilitate multiple uses. Suitable for hospitals, laboratories, offices, and home use.

10 x Premium Quality Safety Face Shield

SKU: FaceMask_X10
  • Cover your mouth and nose carefully with a mask to minimize the gap between your face and mask.
    Do not touch the mask during use.
    After touching the used mask you need to disinfect your hands with alcohol & soapy water.