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DO NOT accept unlabelled, cheap imitations claiming to be "ULTRA" tests. Insist on true branded 10miu Ultra Test Membranes. These tests are the most sensitive pregnancy test on the market, to aid in the early detection of pregnancy. (Standard tests are normally 25miu/ml). These Ultra Early tests are 100% more sensitive than standard tests and are really easy to use. They have greater detection abilities (over 99.99% accurate) than most store bought tests. They work by detecting hCG, a hormone released by the fertilized egg that increases as pregnancy progresses.


- Convenient: Mailed to your home same day.

ULTRA Early: Detects 10 mIU/ml of hCG. (Can work up to 3 days earlier than standard 25 mIU/ml tests.)

Cost: very cost effective, a BIG saving on high street chemist prices.

Fast: Reliable easy to read results in 3 minutes.

Important: ISO9001 accreditation,FDA approved, CE mark which means they are manufactured to the standards set by the Health and Safety Commission in Europe.

Accurate: Over 99.99% accuracy, sensitivity and specificity in clinical trials.

Discreet Delivery: All tests are posted same day in a very discreet jiffy envelope with no markings via 1st Class UK delivery.


The tests are really easy to use. Basically 3 steps as below.


- Take a urine sample.

- Immerse test strip in sample for 5 seconds.

- After 3 minutes read the ULTRA EARLY result.


The ULTRA EARLY pregnancy test strip is a cheap and affordable solution for pregnancy testing. These tests are an economical answer for couples who want to find out quick if they are pregnant.


Put your mind at ease fast, early & accurately.

10 x Ultra Early 10 miU Pregnancy Tests

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