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If you suspect that your teenage child, employee or pupil has been using some sort of illegal drugs in the last few days, but you do not know which ones, multi-drug tests enable you to test for several drugs at once. Our tests are reliable and rapid. The way they work is by detecting and identifying traces of up to 10 drugs in the person?s urine, so that within 5 minutes you will be able to see for certain which drugs have been taken.


You will need to collect a urine sample. Simply dip the multi-panel tester into the sample and the sensor strips will give you your answers. These best-selling tests have become the industry standards and are widely used in companies, schools and drug-rehabilitation centres.


Drug tests are becoming an increasingly important tool for parents and partners in today's binge drinking and drug abuse culture among young people. However, many parents aren't even aware of the existence of accurate home drug test kits, let alone know how to find them or buy them online.


This drug test will test for the 10 most common drugs in the UK - COCAINE, HEROIN, SPEED, METHADONE, BENZO's, ECSTASY, CANNABIS, SUBUTEX, MORPHINE & DEPRESSANTS..


You will receive 3 test kits which will test for all the 10 main drugs used in the UK and as listed above. The proper chemical names of these drugs and the various other street names used are shown below. All tests have a long expiry date.

3 x 10 in 1 Drug Test Kit

SKU: 101x3