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If you suspect that your teenage child, employee or pupil has been using some sort of illegal drugs in the last few days, but you do not know which ones, multi-drug tests enable you to test for several drugs at once. Our tests are reliable and rapid. The way they work is by detecting and identifying traces of up to 7 drugs in the person?s urine, so that within 5 minutes you will be able to see for certain which drugs have been taken.


You will need to collect a urine sample. Simply dip the multi-panel tester into the sample and the sensor strips will give you your answers. These best-selling tests have become the industry standards and are widely used in companies, schools and drug-rehabilitation centres.


Drug tests are becoming an increasingly important tool for parents and partners in today's binge drinking and drug abuse culture among young people. However, many parents aren't even aware of the existence of accurate home drug test kits, let alone know how to find them or buy them online.


This drug test will test for the 7 most common drugs in the UK - COCAINE, HEROIN, SPEED, METHADONE, BENZO's, ECSTASY & CANNABIS.


You will receive 3 test kits which will test for all the 7 main drugs used in the UK and as listed above. The proper chemical names of these drugs and the various other street names used are shown below. All tests have a long expiry date.

3 x 7 in 1 Drug Test Kit

SKU: 71x3
  • The diagram in the images shows the possible results.

    NEGATIVE*: Two lines appear. A coloured line appears in the Control region (C) and a coloured line appears in the Test region (T). This negative result means that the concentrations in the urine sample are below the designated cut-off levels for a particular drug tested.

    *NOTE: The shade of the coloured lines in the Test region (T) may vary. The result should be considered negative whenever there is even a faint line.

    POSITIVE: A coloured line appears in the Control region (C) and NO line appears in the Test region (T). The positive result means that the drug concentration in the urine sample is greater than the designated cut off for a specific drug.

    INVALID: No line appears in the Control region (C). Insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely reasons for Control line failure.

    Read the directions again and repeat the test with a new test card.

    Information on Test Cut-off levels / Drug Retention Times:

    The cut-off level is the level at which a diagnostic test determines whether a sample is positive or negative. The level at which a sample becomes positive varies from drug to drug but is based upon the research and guidance of SAMHSA in the USA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). You may have heard of NIDA cut-off levels, which are essentially the same, but were established by the predecessor of SAMHSA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse).

    The principle behind the cut-off level is for all laboratories and rapid tests to test at the same level, so that wherever a test is conducted, the patient will be assessed by the same criteria and that results from one region are comparable with those of another. More importantly, the cut-off levels are set at a point that is high enough to rule out passive smoking and low enough to ensure that a patient must have abstained from the drug to test negative.


    2 - 6 days


    2 - 14 days


    2 - 5 days

    Cannabis / MARIJUANA (THC)

    Typically 14 - 28 days, but a one-off use may be undetectable in 5 days.

    Ecstasy / MDMA

    2 - 6 days


    2 - 7 days

    Opiates / Heroin

    2 - 5 days

    Please note: Many factors such as age, height, weight, sex, purity of drug, dose and frequency of use can influence the above drug retention times, so please use these purely as a guide.

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