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This liver test detects abnormal levels of bilirubin and urobilinogen in urine, raised levels can indicate liver disease. It is recommended that you take this test if you are feeling generally unwell or are experiencing any of the following: Nausea / Fatigue / Lack of appetite / Yellowing of the skin and eyes.


Having a problem with your liver, may cause one or more of the following symptoms:


Symptom 1 - Yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes. A condition called Jaundice.


Symptom 2 - Pain in the right upper abdomen accompanied by pain in the back.


Symptom 3 - Abdominal swelling.


Symptom 4 - Weakness and loss of muscle mass.


Symptom 5 - Light colour of faeces and/or dark colour of urine.


The above are the first signs of a liver problem. Jaundice is considered as the most important among them. Jaundice is caused when excess amount of a compound called bilirubin dissolves in the fat layer under the skin. Bilirubin is a compound that is formed due to the breakdown of Red Blood Cells. It will be carried to the liver by blood vessels and then to the intestines by means of a small duct connecting the liver with the intestine.


This duct is called bile duct. Bilirubin can also be stored in the gall bladder which is a very small sac-like organ extending out of the bile duct. In the intestine, bilirubin can be converted to a compound called Urobilinogen by the act of intestinal bacteria. A small percentage of this compound can be reabsorbed to the blood stream. Increased levels of urobilinogen and/or bilirubin in blood will lead to its appearance in urine.


The test comes with full instructions in the pack which gives a full interpretation of the test, whatever the combination of results and advises what to do next if any action is required.


Contains two single use tests

Proven 98% accuracy in laboratory studies

CE Marked for Home Self Testing

Fast accurate results in the privacy of your own home

Simple & easy-to-use test

We will post the test in discrete packaging with no markings as to the contents.

Home Liver Function/Infection Test (5 Tests)