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  • Lancing device
  • Auto lancing device for finger prick lancets
  • Consistent depth penetration.


Diabetes Lancing Devices

Lancing devices are used to obtain samples of blood for glucose testing using a lancet.

A variety of lancets are on the market, the most common of which are automatic lancing devices.


What are automatic lancing devices?

Automatic lancing devices are the most common type of lancing device on the market, and are widely available and offered by a variety of manufacturers.  Automatic lancing devices work using a spring-loaded lancet released by a button. The patient using the device can set the lancet to a certain level of skin penetration using a lancet cover.


Use a new lancet every time you take a blood sample. This will help prevent infection and reduce pain.

Lancing Device For Diabetes / Cholesterol Blood Testing

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