The Pelvic Floor Educator is a revolutionary solution that helps women develop a strong and healthy pelvic floor.


The Educator can help to eliminate problems associated with incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.


This is a unique and effective treatment for incontinence that puts patients in control and has been used by continence care specialists throughout the world for many years.


The Pelvic Floor Educator improves bladder control within weeks by teaching using pelvic floor exercises to ensure correct contractions of the muscles.


The Educator can be used for all kinds of pelvic floor and incontinence problems, including those caused by pregnancy and child birth, the menopause and weight issues.


It is an extremely simple and easy to use treatment for incontinence problems, yet the information from the Educator could be some of the most valuable you may ever receive.


The advantages of the Pelvic Floor Educator include:


Valuable information on pelvic floor performance

A quick and effective treatment for incontinence problems

Muscle condition monitoring

Can be used in the long term for on-going pelvic floor exercise programmes


Even if you already do pelvic floor exercises, the Educator can assess your technique and monitor your improvement.


It puts you in control of your incontinence problems and is also recommended by healthcare professionals.

Within weeks you will see results in your pelvic floor health - it's easy to use and using it for a few minutes each day will help to improve your pelvic floor strength.


The Pelvic Floor Educator should not be used during pregnancy.




Revolutionary design that teaches correct pelvic floor contractions

Beneficial to all adult females whether they have a continence problem or not

Simple and easy to use

Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles

Ensure correct pelvic floor contractions

Effective treatment for incontinence

Latex free


How to use the Pelvic Floor Educator